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College: The Road to the Ivory Tower?

In a recent New York Times article, “What is College For?”, Gary Gutting argues that the “raison d’être of a college is to nourish a world of intellectual culture.” However, Gutting is concerned that the quality of higher education is diminishing due to low expectations and performances from instructors and students alike. And what is the source of this deterioration? Gutting believes that there is a “basic misunderstanding” for the purpose of college; for higher education to “work” there needs to be deep regard for “intellectual culture as essential to society.” Some critics would disagree by saying that college is there to provide you with tools to be a successful and productive member of society, but Gutting would respond with something sassy, like, “Well, there are cheaper ways of doing that.” He wants us to take the college experience BACK into the classroom. GET OFF THE QUAD, PUT AWAY YOUR FRISBEE, AND GO TO THE LIBRARY. (Those are Gutting’s hypothetical caps not mine!)

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