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Reality shows – bad, lazy television?

We all have our “guilty pleasures” and for some people, reality TV is one of them. The phrase “reality television” conjures a variety of images, some of them positive, some highly unpleasant and it can be embarrassing to admit that you watch reality TV on a daily basis. Some people believe that this kind of entertainment is worthless and bad for us as it convey bad values and how people should view society. 

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Are Hoarders Part of a Subculture?

Today I was surfing Twitter when I saw a link from Grantland, the venerable ESPN-affiliated sports and culture blog, on TLC’s Hoarders:  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Edition.  In the article, Tara Araino profiles the newest episode of the show and describes it as one of many TLC shows that “highlight the doings of people who occupy various subcultures.”

The show follows the life of Richard Wallace, a man living in a tiny condo in England who cannot throw anything away.  He can’t remember the last time he took a shower because his bathtub is filled up with junk.  Getting around the house is a major ordeal for him. Continue reading

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