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Is Your Conversation More Important Than Others Life’s

In this article there is a critical argument whether cell phones should be used while operating trains. There was an incident with two trains colliding in down town Los Angeles. The incident was caused by an operator sending and receiving text messages. The article states that “twenty-five people were killed and more than 130 injured in the worst domestic train accident since 1993”. The president of commissions argues that the cellular use was “necessary and reasonable”.

I personally think that people who have jobs that deal with others life’s in their hands should not have their phones on them because incidents like the one in this article are bound to happen. There is too much of a risk like people getting killed over sending one little message. Many commercials have been shown on many channels to prevent texting while driving because that has become a huge issue in today’s society. Then I saw this article and could not believe that a lot of lives had been lost because someone was texting on the job.

I think technology has come too far for the worse in cases like these. I know I would not feel safe knowing that people who are controlling something that I am traveling on are texting. People have become so addicted to having their phones and using them 24/7 that it has become a major issue. People need to realize that their job is their priority, not social hour.


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