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Is it really the Southern mans faught?

     A quick fact on slavery, In 1694 slavery was established in a Virginia court where Anthony Johnson, a black man, convinced a court that his servant (also black) John Casor was his for life. Johnson was also was brought to a Virginia court some years earlier before he went back as an indentured servant; or a person who has a debt to someone else, but he saved enough money to buy out the remainder of his dept. The court ruled in Johnson’s favor, and the very first officially state-recognized slave existed in Virginia. Johnson eventually became very rich and began importing his own slaves from Africa. Eventually the unfortunate repercussions of this decision would come back to haunt Johnson when he was a considered “A Negro and by consequence an alien.” So may be beauty is only skin deep, and may be the government cannot admit to mistakes.

     When the court ruled in the favor of Anthony Johnson to have a slave, they did not give enough reason into why he had a slave for life. John Casor had so much dept that he went to the court to ask for help and was denied and sentence, much like current prisons. Since there was no explanation, all the white man saw was skin tone and the brain process was not very developed and thought black means slavery. So you now have all white men needing work done so would pay for slaves, this wasnt thought of bad because the Government made it law. And no one could ever believe the government would make a mistake.

     So now in the south you have all these land owners and need slaves to work the land. The south was different from the north, in the south you had huge farm lands that are covered with different foods that needed to be taken care of. You have the north seeing the problem they have caused and try to stop it. I’m not saying that the southern slavery sub culture was acceptable but you can’t blame it on the Southern man.

     It is so hard to live in the south and hear how terrible we are when all we did was trust our government. And most people also do not realize that only the rich of the rick could own slaves. Do I trust our American Government? No


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