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Hugging is a No-No

Many things are prohibited in school because of health risks, security, or general respect for the school. Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are among some of the types of materials banned at schools to provide a more stable environment. However when things such as these get banned, many over the top procedures can take place, such as suspending students with a small plastic gun because it resembled a weapon (yes this did happen, here’s the article). However when is banning items and suspending children at school going too far? One school in New Jersey has this answer by enforcing an incredibly ridiculous rule at a particular middle school. Because of some “indecent physical interactions” between students at their school, Matawan- Aberdeen Middle School banned, you guessed it: Continue reading


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S*** Bloggers Say

If you’re a fan of youtube or the internet in general, you’ve probably seen the chain of videos sparking up everywhere called “Sh*t ___ Say”. Usually borderline racist/sexist, these videos depict stereotypical situations of people saying things to one another. These “viral” videos have become so popular they have even gone so far to include animals and other objects. Though many people could find these videos offensive and crude, the ratings all over youtube are drastically high and they are becoming increasingly popular. So popular infact there are response videos to them such as: “Sh*t ‘Sh*t __ Say'”. It never ends! But why are these videos which could be taken as hateful, extremely popular? Continue reading


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