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Lights, Camera, Super Bowl?

What ever happened to the classis half time show of the super bowl? Believe it or not, there was a time where the super bowl’s half time show did not include a million dollar performance with a variety of musical legends.

When the super bowl first started, people would still look forward to the half time show. It would not be because they were wanting to get a twenty minute concert, but instead, they wanted to be entertained by a different kind of band– a marching band.

I do see where people can find enjoyment in the modern day super bowl halftime show; however, as a former member of my high school’s marching band, I know that it is possible to entertain people without throwing away half a million dollars for a twenty minute performance (especially when we are supposedly in an economic crisis!). The Pelham High School “Tower of Power” marching band’s slogan, along with many other bands, was “halftime is game time.” With that attitude, we were able to keep the people in the stands on their feet after every song we performed. I also feel that it is not that impressive to sing the same five to ten words over and over again in front of a crowd. The same cannot be said about performing a complex halftime show designed specifically for the current needs and wants of the super bowl fans. It is almost like people are looking past the hard work and devotion that goes into a marching band’s performances, but they are amazed by a projector that displays different pictures and visual effects on the field while Madonna prances back and forth across a stage singing her few hits.

Even though I think that there have been some notable artists who have performed at some of the more recent super bowls, I just do not feel that the newer super bowl halftime shows are even worth the hype that they are producing among Americans. Instead, I feel the classic marching band would surprise many with a halftime show that most could not even fathom.


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