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A Mass Communications major working towards a B.S. degree, retired U.S. Army finally getting my degree, better late than never, wish me luck!

Is The MTV Generation Dead?

"We want our MTV!"

"We want our MTV!"

“I want my MTV!” In fact, “I want my MTV back!” 

Did you ever wondered what happened to the MTV generation?; the generation who were the ones who coined the phrase “I want my MTVEEE!”; the generation that put MTV at cult status in society.  This was the generation that helped support the beginning of the new age of music videos.  In America this was the generation who were at a time when Madonna was a teenager;  Beavis and Butthead were legends in their own minds in front of all America; and VJ’s, or video jockies’ replaced DJ’s.  It was a generation who would do whatever they saw in music videos and would adhere to the words of the VJ’s as almost holy.  This was a new generation who were spawned from a culture that were aside from the baby boomers of the fifties,and the hippies of the sixties, and the disco goers of the seventies.  This generation was the beginning of a whole new era.  They were the shiznit! Continue reading


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Was Prayer In School Ever A Subculture?

“Was it ever cool to pray in school?”

When we think of prayer in school, I think people probably think of a long gone tradition that existed just before the brink of America’s so-called enlightenment of separation of church and state.  Was prayer in school ever a subculture of school or was school a subculture of prayer in school?  That last statement was just a play on words to get you to think about it.  But in all due seriousness, whatever happened to that part of our school culture and what role did it ever play in the development of our current train of thought for education. Continue reading


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