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Standing a Broom up by itself. #YOLO


I’m sure we all remember that day or few days on Facebook when you logged on a saw brooms standing up on their own. My first thought: Um, photoshop? Wrong. Apparently people were arguing that the planet’s were aligned in a certain way so that when a broom was stood up and let go of, it automatically could stand on its own. According to the video below by CNN, that was a false statement. In fact, you can stand a broom up any time and let go of it and it will stay standing… as long as you balance it correctly. The funny thing to me is that when one person saw someone upload the picture on Facebook, they immediately had to try it. I guess no one had ever thought to stand a broom up on it’s own before. But just like Koney, Sh*t ‘People’ Say, DrawSomething, Temple Run, the Cinnamon Challenge and planking, it was just another fad of 2012. Trying to tie standing up brooms with another fad–YOLO. “You Only Live Once,” popularized by Drake’s song, “The Motto” has BLOWN UP. People over use it on twitter, text and talking. I really want to know if people thought they lived twice before the song came out? I get it’s catchy, but it gets real old real fast when you can’t walk around a college campus without hearing someone say it. Regardless, that will die out too just like the many fads of the beginning of 2012. Hopefully some fun and different fads will be occurring soon.

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The Buzz: Lowering the drinking age

Here it is. The cliché controversial topic that’s been the “buzz” for decades. You’ve probably heard many arguments about lowering the drinking age, but you should definitely pay close attention to this particular topic; Something needs to be done.


Drinking has become such a big deal over the past few years. Maybe it’s because I’ve entered college and have experienced adult ‘situations,’ but nevertheless it is still a huge part of your life whether you do it or not. There are always going to be people who defy the rules. These are the one’s who end up incarcorated, or even worse, on their death bed. But of course, there are the ones who don’t get caught as well. In countries other than the US, the drinking age is significantly lower which results in less drinking problems. Children from those countries are exposed to alcohol at a young age, so when they reach 18, it’s not that big of a deal. They don’t try to break the rules to obtain it because A) they have been around it for a while,and B) they aren’t too old when they are allowed to get it.  Continue reading


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