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Will Children Of Alcoholics Become Alcoholics?

The author of the article, A Family History of Alcoholism, suggests that the chances of a child that has alcoholic parents will become an alcoholic is a 50%  chance. This is shocking and sad to me because common knowledge states the experience with traumas such as alcoholism would teach you not to follow those footsteps. Ultimately, I am saying that 50% is an extremely high number.

Because alcoholism is such a common thing in today’s society, I argue that children would be frustrated and understand how it tears apart relationships, families, and people’s lives. This would mean that children would steer away from alcoholism and want to change their lives to be better than their parents, but this author does not say so. His argument is that while children would not want to be alcoholics because of their parents, it has become a lifestyle that many many children have learned is social acceptable and correct. I understand this statement, but from personal experience I disagree.

The author also discusses that genetics are not the only thing that influence a child’s future because they learn from the atmosphere of their surrounding. This follows closely along with his argument of children of alcoholics becoming alcoholics simply because it is all they know. Because of the alcohol they are surrounded by more violence, depression, and aggression. While these things are all true, I still feel strongly about children understanding that this is not a future anyone should want, and that any child who has experienced having an alcoholic parents should know and decide that they do not want to live the same lifestyle.


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