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Sports, Just a New Place to Recruit?

In this New York Times article first published in May of 2008. The author tells of how the military is using the popular sport of mixed martial arts or UFC as a new way and means of recruiting. The author interviews Maj. Kelly Crigger, who tells how the military is using this sport as a means to build moral in its troops and a way to train the soldiers in hand to hand combat. The Major also tell of how the majority of the fans of the sport are young American males so they feel that by backing the sport and showing that they believe in it and even allow you to participate in the sport if you are in the military. They are using it as a way to try and recruit our younger generation into service. Continue reading

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Online or in Person?

In the recent NY Times article “It’s Not Me, It’s You” the author, Alex Miller explores the thought of how Facebook and their new “defriending” button has affected the way people view and even end friendships.

Throughout this article the author talks about various situations on how people have ended friendships, but is a friendship ever truly over without hurting the other person in the process. Facebook has made it so we can just click a button and no longer have to deal with that particular person, but is this truly a friendship if it can be ended with a simple click of a mouse. Yes, throughout our lives we accumulate different friends depending on where we are in our lives at that moment, but what happens to the friends we made back in college as we approach our 40’s. , but what happens to the friends we made back in college as we approach our 40’s. You may still be in contact with them but are you wishing to end the friendship because you no longer feel you are on the same path? I agree that friendships may die out or come to and end but it is how we end these friendships that really matters.

            Just because there is a convenient button to use do not take that approach, use the face-to-face method. Give the other person the respect you would want if you are in there same position. Just because there is an easy route to a particular outcome you need to judge whether it is appropriate for the situation or not. Miller talks about how people have ended the relationship by just ignoring the other person and trying to drop them ou of thier lives without even a explination. Why is it that we as a society now would rather take the easiest way out of a situation rather than challenge ourselves to come up with a good excuss for something.  We have become compacient with the easy facebook and other social media sites offer us that we are beginning t0 lose ourselves to the internet and are becomeing more distant to reality.


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