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Facebook: Till Death Do Us Part

If I Die is a new application created for Facebook where you can leave a message behind in case you die. It works like this: you designate three trustees from your friend list who, in case you die, will confirm your death. After their confirmation, videos or new status post-mortem will begin to appear on your profile. The application received thousands of “likes” in the first days it was published. Here’s the promotional video: (I couldn’t watch it without laughing…)

I found this to be a very interesting idea that perfectly expresses how important Facebook has become to society. Some people are genuinely worried to what would happen to their Facebook account in case something happens to them. I personally believe it should have a way to be closed as a sign of respect to the person who died. Additionally, I don’t know how would I react if someone designate me as his trustee. If I die today I would love to have the opportunity to say to some people really close to me how much they meant, but I wouldn’t like posting something so personal in my wall. In the other end, I don’t think I could handle viewing a video of a friend/relative that just died. Sadly, I know how Facebook can be in this sense from personal experience; I had two friends in Facebook who passed away, and it was really weird and creepy to see that people kept posting in their walls or tagging them in pictures. I had to delete them because I didn’t find this pleasant. I can assure you that if I’m about to die my Facebook would not be one of my top priorities. I’m sure that everybody would like to say some last words to someone close, but is Facebook the correct place to do it? Does Facebook has the power to leave your legacy behind? How many people would use it? I’m definitely not planning to use it anytime soon…


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