Watch out for texting pedestrians

Pedestrians walk through an "e-lane" in Philadelphia.

An article on the ABC3340 website explains how an April Fools joke is no laughing matter. In Philadelphia, city officials have designated certain pedestrian cross walks as “e-lanes.” These are for those who are addicted to texting or focus too much on finding a new song to listen to instead of walking. Although this was meant to be an April Fools joke, officials are going to start cracking down on people who don’t pay as much attention while they are walking as they should. First you hear about how texting while driving has become deathly and now walking and texting? We just can’t stop what we are doing temporarily so we can pay attention. Not only do we have to watch out for people who are texting while driving, but we also have to watch out for pedestrians that are texting. We live in a world where everything revolves around electronics. If we aren’t up to date on anything and everything then we are considered an outcast from society. I think we need to slow down and not worry too much about who’s going to text next or what so and so posted on Facebook/Twitter. It is so sad that pedestrians can’t even watch where they are going because of electronics. Safety should come first when driving or walking close to traffic, but sadly it usually takes a backseat to anything and everything that entertains us and keeps us in “the know.”


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3 responses to “Watch out for texting pedestrians

  1. I’ve never heard of that April Fool’s joke before– that’s quite funny.
    However I can’t really see how officials could stop someone from texting and walking? Yes, I can see how it can be a problem with not watching where they are going and can be an issue with traffic or what have you, but if officials really started cracking down on this issue, it would stir up a lot of controversy. Texting and walking doesn’t necessarily hurt anyone except the person actually texting. I feel like there are larger issues in the world to worry about than something silly as this and plus – there are plenty of hilarious youtube videos of people falling while texting and walking. My personal opinion is to leave such a small matter like this alone and worry about larger things going on. Yes technology consumes us, but we leave in a technology-based world and why try to stop such a small thing, when the affects will not do much at all.

  2. christiwilson19

    I totally agree with you, trying to stop people from texting while walking is probably impossible. I just think it’s kind of sad that people who are driving have to watch out for pedestrians now. I walk and text a lot, but I just don’t think I would ever text while I’m walking so close to traffic. I know nothing will or can be done about it and I’m not an avid believer of banning texting like that. It’s just another sad story of how much we, myself included, are addicted to technology.

  3. Jared E.

    I think a sad part of modern American subculture is being displayed here. People have become so consumed by technology that not only can they no longer communicate as well in person but they cannot even drive or walk without being a danger. The constant text, tweets, and facebook status updates have become so quick that a large part of society is addicted. They are addicted to tidbits of entertainment, they are addicted to the point that in every situation possible they feed the craving for more.

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