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Making Life Sublime

 Carpe Diem live Life to the FullestLive For Today. 

As I was reading the poem “A Psalm of Life,” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, two ideas in particular stood out to me. 1.) That life is short, and time should be used wisely. And, 2.) Continue reading

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Standing a Broom up by itself. #YOLO


I’m sure we all remember that day or few days on Facebook when you logged on a saw brooms standing up on their own. My first thought: Um, photoshop? Wrong. Apparently people were arguing that the planet’s were aligned in a certain way so that when a broom was stood up and let go of, it automatically could stand on its own. According to the video below by CNN, that was a false statement. In fact, you can stand a broom up any time and let go of it and it will stay standing… as long as you balance it correctly. The funny thing to me is that when one person saw someone upload the picture on Facebook, they immediately had to try it. I guess no one had ever thought to stand a broom up on it’s own before. But just like Koney, Sh*t ‘People’ Say, DrawSomething, Temple Run, the Cinnamon Challenge and planking, it was just another fad of 2012. Trying to tie standing up brooms with another fad–YOLO. “You Only Live Once,” popularized by Drake’s song, “The Motto” has BLOWN UP. People over use it on twitter, text and talking. I really want to know if people thought they lived twice before the song came out? I get it’s catchy, but it gets real old real fast when you can’t walk around a college campus without hearing someone say it. Regardless, that will die out too just like the many fads of the beginning of 2012. Hopefully some fun and different fads will be occurring soon.

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Ecotourism:The Pros & Cons


Nature is a beautiful thing to admire, but in their search for beauty to admire are some individuals reckless with the environment and its animals? The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local people (” Recently, there has been an increase in ecotourism as well as concerns for the effects that result. Continue reading


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Watch out for texting pedestrians

Pedestrians walk through an "e-lane" in Philadelphia.

An article on the ABC3340 website explains how an April Fools joke is no laughing matter. In Philadelphia, city officials have designated certain pedestrian cross walks as “e-lanes.” These are for those who are addicted to texting or focus too much on finding a new song to listen to instead of walking. Although this was meant to be an April Fools joke, officials are going to start cracking down on people who don’t pay as much attention while they are walking as they should. First you hear about how texting while driving has become deathly and now walking and texting? We just can’t stop what we are doing temporarily so we can pay attention. Not only do we have to watch out for people who are texting while driving, but we also have to watch out for pedestrians that are texting. We live in a world where everything revolves around electronics. If we aren’t up to date on anything and everything then we are considered an outcast from society. I think we need to slow down and not worry too much about who’s going to text next or what so and so posted on Facebook/Twitter. It is so sad that pedestrians can’t even watch where they are going because of electronics. Safety should come first when driving or walking close to traffic, but sadly it usually takes a backseat to anything and everything that entertains us and keeps us in “the know.”


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Immortality, Jellyfish Style

This video is a Nerdfighter side project of Hank Green’s called SciShow. If you’re a history buff John Green also has a side project called Crash Course…DFTBA.

The very idea of immortality is almost as old as pre-human apes, or really just as long as there have been life forms intelligent enough to interpret the inevitable coming of death. Immortality has been philosophized and fictionalized for centuries in vastly different spectrums, from profound Greek philosophers to the stuttering, sparkling world of Bella Swan.

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Sperm Bank

I consider donating sperm as irresponsible. To donate, you go to a “sperm bank.” Different sperm banks will have different qualifications that you must meet. For example, some require that you be at least 5’7″ to donate you sperm. Usually you have to be between the ages of 18 and 40. While you’re donating, all you probably think about is the quick and easy money and less about the possible outcome. I came across an article and video of a man named Ben Seisler having to tell his fiancé of his 70 known children. Notice how I said known, which means they’re are probably several more than that!

Seisler donated sperm for three years while attending law school at George Mason, Virginia to help pay for his education. He earned around $150 per donation. He originally planned to remain anonymous but later joined an online registry called the Donor Sibling Registry that connects offspring and siblings to each other and their donors. Around 15 of his children have made contact with him. Continue reading


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