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It seems that the thing to do now is to be “different.” But if everyone is being different then who defines what is different? In the 1930’s in Nazi Occupied some kids did dare to be different, and it was not the cute different that teenagers now aim for. These kids blatantly defied Nazi values. These “weird” kids were called Swing Kids.

Many of these kids in this time in Germany were recruited into joining the Hitler Youth, and the leaders tried to make it appealing for people to join, so they turned to dance. However they did not turn to the popular swing dance that the kids were interested in because the swing dance was associated with blacks and a number of Jewish musicians. Everything these swing kids did was to get at the Nazis, such as wear their hair long and listen to forbidden jazz music. Eventually the Nazis acted out against the swing kids and put some of them in school or sent others to concentration camps.

It is obvious that these kids knew what they were doing and the majority of them knew the repercussions would not be pretty, yet they rebelled anyway. This rebelling is not like what teenagers seem to do today as they gather around and do nothing but complain about current “issues.” This was fighting the norm in Nazi occupied Germany, their lives were in danger. Was the dance so important to these kids or was there and underlying motivation behind the entire movement? If so, why does it seem that teenagers during that time period were much more mature than many seem to be today? The swing kids could not have hoped for much success in their rebelling against the Nazi occupation, so what was their purpose? Did they even have one? Or did they just want to be different?


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Hugging is a No-No

Many things are prohibited in school because of health risks, security, or general respect for the school. Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are among some of the types of materials banned at schools to provide a more stable environment. However when things such as these get banned, many over the top procedures can take place, such as suspending students with a small plastic gun because it resembled a weapon (yes this did happen, here’s the article). However when is banning items and suspending children at school going too far? One school in New Jersey has this answer by enforcing an incredibly ridiculous rule at a particular middle school. Because of some “indecent physical interactions” between students at their school, Matawan- Aberdeen Middle School banned, you guessed it: Continue reading


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