The television show “Doomsday Preppers” has brought light to more conspiracy theories that focus on people who are “preparing for the end of the world as we know it.” This quote was found in The Hollywood Reporter where David Knowles writes “Doomsday Preppers: TV Review.”In this article Knowles expresses two specific views of how the end will begin. This gives evidence to his statement previously stated in the article that “the fascinating thing about this rather dire piece of information is that it very few people seem to agree on the way that life as we know it is about to go straight down the proverbial toilet.” The television show enhances this idea more thoroughly. The show focuses on going to people’s homes who are certain of the way the end will turn out and interviews them on how they are beginning to prepare. The following video clip is the shows main advertisement:

This video is a prime example of what people, who associate with this subculture, go through to prepare for their idea of the world’s end. This family, who grow their own crops, focuses on birds being their alarm because they are worried when the end begins people will start to fight them for their food. Along with this all the episodes have; families are setting up security systems, parents are training children for defense, or some people are building shelters underground (and already live there).

It is interesting to see the different tactics people will find in order to stay alive. As crazy as this sounds, one of the people Knowles interviewed stated “It’s not a hobby…it’s a lifestyle.” Showing that although the audience of the television show might find these people’s idea interesting or humorous, the real-life actors are taking these actions serious.

I do not think it is a bad thing that people are preparing for the worst, I just don’t agree with what they think will happen. But who knows, maybe one day I’ll be proven wrong.


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  1. Katherine Tucker

    The most interesting thing is that they are preparing for an event that logically cannot be prepared for. Whether they believe in a biblical end of the world or otherwise, there is no way to know the exact outcome of an apocalyptic event. The difference between surviving a famine and surviving biological warfare are vast, and the best skills to survive that level of calamity will come after it has occurred. Although I can’t say that it is a bad thing to teach kids how to handle themselves I can’t necessarily agree with the amount of paranoia these kids are going to have. Surviving an apocalypse would be a brutal life, but spending their every waking hour to prepare for an undetermined event seems to disrespect the life that they already have.

  2. Zach Miller

    I agree with Katherine. There is no way to prepare for human interaction/fear when a disaster strikes. Katherine also touched on how difficult and brutal surviving the apocalypse would be. Which brings for the question: Why would you want to survive the apocalypse? If you do survive a nuclear/biological war, how much longer will you last before getting cancer and other diseases from the fallout? How long will your farm last before becoming barren soil? Perhaps it’s just the primal instincts of man to live and survive as long as possible, to the very last minute.

  3. Dylan Colburn

    I can see the points that katherine and Zach make but i am inclined to be with the people who do prepare for the end of the world. Yes we may not know when or what kind of disaster will come but shouldn’t we try and want to survive no matter what. And if we are going to try and survive shouldn’t we teach everyone even our kids how to keep themselves alive. I know that for me i would want everyone that i know to be able to keep their family and friends safe no matter what. If you do die at least you have passed the knowledge on to someone else on how to survive.

  4. All these points are very valid and show the different views people feel when it comes to the end of the world. I haven’t seen this show but I did get to watch doomsday bunkers. The show was very informative and showed families who spent a large amount of money on underground bunkers along with insight on what they do to prepare. At first glance some of these families seem really paranoid but after trying to see myself in their position. I guess I could understand why they prepare, if anything it shows how dedicated they are to strategic planning. As for me I don’t really want to be around if anything catastrophic happens and honestly I don’t think I could handle seeing the aftermath. I guess in some ways these preppers may be stronger in certain areas then non preppers, specifically in mentally preparing for apocalyptic like events which I imagine takes a certain amount of imagination and focus.

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