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Everything’s Over!

Once more, my post is about a scene from the skit show Portlandia. I am having trouble with the embed code, so I am also going to link the video, just in case.

First off, since no one would actually claim to be a hipster, it’s hard to pick them out of a crowd. However, we’ll call the character, Spike, a hipster just for the sake of this blog. The general idea of a hipster is that he only does stuff that is underground and not mainstream. They like to be non-conformists. We see this is the skit. Each day, this “mainstream” guy comes into Spike’s hangout or begins doing his hobby.

When hipsters as we know them started to emerge, in the 1990s, not caring and not being cool was cool. They have a very diverse fashion, usually being very outdated or what most people would consider odd. They love to listen to music that no one else has heard of, watch movies no one else has seen, and hang out at places no one else knows about. They also do things for the “irony” of it. At times, it seems they put as much effort into not caring and not conforming, that they actually do care and have conformed since there is an entire subculture devoted to these beliefs. Once something becomes too mainstream, they move on, as we saw in the video. I also think the video’s  Twilight Zone-like ending shows how our culture works in general: Something is underground, becomes mainstream, peaks in popularity, becomes tacky, some people linger and look silly, people begin doing it again as a joke or “irony”, it is now popular again.


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