Sports, Just a New Place to Recruit?

In this New York Times article first published in May of 2008. The author tells of how the military is using the popular sport of mixed martial arts or UFC as a new way and means of recruiting. The author interviews Maj. Kelly Crigger, who tells how the military is using this sport as a means to build moral in its troops and a way to train the soldiers in hand to hand combat. The Major also tell of how the majority of the fans of the sport are young American males so they feel that by backing the sport and showing that they believe in it and even allow you to participate in the sport if you are in the military. They are using it as a way to try and recruit our younger generation into service.

But isn’t the sport supposed to be about fun and violence and not something that the military is able to use to recruit men and women into service for our country. Army officials try to justify their recruiting scheme by saying that they have produced fighters for the real sport and even though it is a sport it can be training for the real world and a real fight.

But if you are someone who is looking to start a career in the UFC are you really planning on going into the military or are you just in the sport because you like it. Just because you like a sport doesnt mean that you want to jpoin the military. I believe that it is wrong for the military to have a hiddend agenda behind the meaning of this sport. it shouldnt be used as a recruiting platform it should just be a sport for people to enjoy.

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  1. Jared E.

    I believe that the reason why the military is seeking to back a sport like mixed martial arts is because the subcultures of the two are very closely related and complement one another. MMA relies vey heavily on self-discipline, elite fitness, and a very rough/hands on culture, which are foundational blocks to the subculture of the military. They both rely heavily on technique, whether it be a submission in MMA or shooting a rifle in the military. They complement each other so well that in a sense, training for one benefits the other. The military is looking for the best, the most disciplined, the ones willing to sacrifice the most, and those in great physical conditioning, MMA has proved a good grounds to find these people. I also believe that this is not something the military needs to justify, their objective is to protect the citizens of this country and if backing a sport to lure in potential recruits is the best way to ensure freedom then it would be absurd to place sport over freedom.

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