Is The MTV Generation Dead?

"We want our MTV!"

"We want our MTV!"

“I want my MTV!” In fact, “I want my MTV back!” 

Did you ever wondered what happened to the MTV generation?; the generation who were the ones who coined the phrase “I want my MTVEEE!”; the generation that put MTV at cult status in society.  This was the generation that helped support the beginning of the new age of music videos.  In America this was the generation who were at a time when Madonna was a teenager;  Beavis and Butthead were legends in their own minds in front of all America; and VJ’s, or video jockies’ replaced DJ’s.  It was a generation who would do whatever they saw in music videos and would adhere to the words of the VJ’s as almost holy.  This was a new generation who were spawned from a culture that were aside from the baby boomers of the fifties,and the hippies of the sixties, and the disco goers of the seventies.  This generation was the beginning of a whole new era.  They were the shiznit!

The music videos that played continuously and non stop helped support a new generation and culture.  Even our movie features of today have effects that were spawned by the advent of the fast paced action and information packed short music videos.  This new technology in entertainment was a bombardment on the senses of the teens, but one that was enjoyable and memorable.  So what happend to that MTV generation.  Is the MTV generation dead?  In fact, not at all.  They have just grown up and moved on.  What they have passed on to their children of the MTV generation now remains as a remnant on the internet as music videos preempted by advertisements.  On cable, MTV went from being music television to reality television which only plays some music videos at about three o’clock in the morning.  You still might be a fan of MTV for it’s music videos if you work the graveyard shift and just happen to watch it on your nights off, or if you are a night owl.

Ryan Palermo has an internet site that adheres to MTV generation enthusists.  The site is titled “MTV GENERATION.”  I agree with his comment he made on his site to where he states, “MTV has moved from its original format of non-stop music videos to that of reality TV and movies.”  To me the MTV generation is alive and well.  They’ve just moved on to the internet for their music video fix and nastalgic episodes of Beavis and Butthead on Youtube.  Unfortunately as real  Music Television goes MTV is dead.


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2 responses to “Is The MTV Generation Dead?

  1. Like you, I do believe that the MTV generation is alive. MTV indeed has changed from music videos to completely different shows, a lot of which I may find “bleh”, but hey, this is what happens over time– television channels feel like they need to keep up with popular demand. I do find it sad that MTV has to air shows such as “Jersey Shore” (no offense JS lovers) along with other reality TV shows. I seems to take away from the old programming network. MTV does has some of it’s old charm, for example shows such as Beavis and Butthead are now being aired today on MTV with new episodes. The generation has not died, it simply lives on and reflects on the past, and witnessing the changes of the new MTV, some good, some bad.

  2. I love music. I often find myself watching MTVU here on campus because they play a mix of mainstream music as well as music that is up and coming. Today’s MTV however has shifted to melodramatic television series. What happened to the days of actual music television? I mean that is what the name of the channel even states. Unfortunately the channel changed with the changing generations. The art of the music video is vanishing. So yes, I do agree that the MTV generation is still alive, it is no way near the same extent. They all grew up and had to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.

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