i climb rocks too.

Forums, Blogs, Articles galore! It is hard to think about the outdoors without thinking of that one guy in your class that is always blabbing about how he climbed a 300 foot mountain over the weekend. And really, what is with the Chaco’s! Do you really climb a mountain in those!  So yes I am making the point that rock climbing is scaling the charts when it comes to outdoor hobbies! I mean why not, it’s a good way to exercise; it builds endurance, as well as allows you to be one with nature! The public marketing industry has jumped on board with this idea of mountain climbing also. There is hardly a mall around that does not have a store specifically designed for outdoor sports like mountain climbing! And all the gear! It seemed to spring up overnight and whalah, everyone is set to be the best rock climber at the public park!

Now not only is there a huge amount of outdoor rock climbing going on, there is also a surprising amount of indoor climbing going on! In Birmingham there is a place called First Avenue rocks (http://firstaverocks.com/ ), where you can hone your skills and become the best rock climber you can. They have so many different ways to learn, classes for adults and kids alike. So you see that this is not only becoming a hobby for some people, but a lifestyle. Whole families can get involved.

It is really a very challenging sport when taken seriously, there are the obvious dangers of plummeting to your death, but it also seems to be very mentally challenging. When looking at it from the view of the rock climber halfway up on a mountain, it’s kind of like do or die, I mean people spend so much of their time working out these complex equations for getting to the top of a mountain, and it requires remembering steps and principles that one may not necessarily use otherwise.  I have linked a video below that lets you hear about the process from someone who is literally immersed in the world of rock climbing. It seems that for some extremists this is there career, there life, and what kind of life that must be.



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  1. Jared E.

    This is a really interesting subculture especially at the more extreme levels of the sport. At the more extreme levels, where death is a real and looming possibility, rock climbing must be more than a sport for physical fitness and entertainment. People would not risk their lives if it was merely about those two, yes they are definitely a part of the subculture, but the life and death risk points to something greater. It points to a freedom, an escape from life and its problems that must overcome the climber on the mountain and a sense of accomplishment when reaching the top of the mountain. Only these deeper feelings can explain the risk and when examined they show a deeper level of sports. Yes they are entertaining but even deeper than that they are entertainment that allows society to escape from a hard reality for moments in life. Society, even for just a few hours, is able to feel free from the chains of the 9-5 workweek when on that mountain.

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