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Conspiracy Theorists: Un-American Doubt

                Conspiracy Theorists form an anti-establishment subculture that is filled with some of the most bizarre and intriguing ideas in America. From thoughts on who killed JKF, to a fake moon landing, to the CIA inventing AIDS, all the way to a 9/11 American-led plot.  In their article on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing (or NASA hoax?) Time Magazine detailed 10 of the most famous conspiracy theories in the world held by this subculture of theorists. This subculture is so fascinating because it forces those in the group and those on the outside to re-examine many things that they believe or have been taught to believe. The theorists are very good at stirring up doubt. In the Time article it is published that only 32% of the American public believes a lone gunman, Oswald, plotted and killed JFK. Continue reading


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