Cultural Influences or American Values?




Many have always assumed that it is great to be involved in other cultures, but they fail to realize  that due to our involvement, we may not be giving our own culture enough value. I know this may sound crazy, but before you think about this statement listen to this.  On February 3, I went to Kami Con,a Japanese convention in Tuscaloosa. It is held annually for people who are interested in manga (Japanese comics) and anime(Japanese TV shows). While there, I saw  people dressed up as different characters from the shows, many vendors selling Japanese clothing and gadgets, and I even heard Korean music playing. As I was taking all of this in, I couldn’t help but notice there was a small percentage of Asian Americans compared to the overwhelming amount of Americans participating in an all Asian based convention. This observation suggested a question that interested me: Are we so involved in other cultures so much that consequently we discredit our own? Don’t get me wrong, it is good to be knowledgeable of other cultures, but are we taking it too far. Or, will these influences bring positive changes to American life?


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2 responses to “Cultural Influences or American Values?

  1. Jared Ebert

    I think you make a good point, however, i think that this is why American culture is so unique. What is the culture of America? Yes we have some original traditions but a majority of our culture is the sum of different pieces and parts of cultures around the world. This nation was built on immigrants so it only makes sense that their traditons will continue and be adapted into society. Therefore America is not a culture of a single tradition but a society built on a world of cultures combined into a singly country. If this is the case then to answer your question I do not believe that we are discrediting our own culture by engaging with so many other cultures, in fact i would argue the other side that by further engaging cultures we actually stregnthen the culture of America. This country was built on a promise of opportunity and for this to still hold true we most never shun outside cultures in order to further develop the original portions of our culture

  2. I think that it is absolutely fantastic that we embrace subcultures like these. I believe it reflects on America and how diverse our interests truly are. I don’t think its wrong that people specifically American people become heavily invested in things like comic-con, it fosters a respect for peoples’ differences in interest. This is just another example of America being the “Great Melting Pot” that is.

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