Will dating websites protect you?

Many people turn to dating websites in hopes of finding true love. The question is, will they be able to join an online dating organization. Before you are matched up with anyone, you must first answer tons of questions about yourself to see if you are worthy of becoming a part of the “dating community.” It gets tricky when not all dating websites are ready to welcome you in based on how you answered their survey. In another blog post, eHarmony is examined and it suprised me how picky they are. I have always been pretty skeptical when it comes to online dating because you never know who someone actually is until you meet them. They could be lying about and that scares me. What I found to be interesting about eHarmony, is that they have been known to turn people down simply because they did not return a library book. Also, if a persons answer leads to the suspicionthat they are mentally unstable then they will also reject them. Turning someone away because they did not return a library book is crazy! What I want to know is how is eHarmony, along with all the other dating websites, preventing potential murderers and sex offenders from their site. Anyone can falsley answer a question to make it appear they are normal. Another thing that bothers me is the idea of the dating website all together. We have turned to this idea that the only way we can find love is if a computer matches us up with someone. I know that there are many success stories about people who met on an online dating site and fell madly in love. What I don’t understand is why couldn’t those same people meet someone on their own? We have always relied on technology since it was created, but I think that who you marry should be determined on your own. I’ve heard the argument that people do not have as much time to go out and meet other people because of work and other time consuming activities, but if someone really wants to meet someone with the intentions of a potential marriage, then they will make time for it. I would never be able to trust a dating website for the fear of someone pretending to be someone else. It is too risky and dangerous to me. Websites, such as eHarmony, do screen potential participants, but is there any real way to prevent the people you really don’t want? 

There is a video about a woman who almost fell for a con artist on eHarmony. It would not let me add it on to here, but if any one is interested you can go here http://youtu.be/uTm3OrJBQC8.


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3 responses to “Will dating websites protect you?

  1. I’ve always thought those eharmony sites were sketchy. I have met friends who’s parents met on eharmony and live happy lives together, but all in all, it’s true– you never know how many people are lying out there. If anyone was to try and use eharmony for dating, it seems like the safest way would just be to skype those who you are talking too. Of course they could still lie, but you are talking to them face to face which could lessen the chances. All in all it is still better to meet a person first before you start dating them, in any situation. When on the internet, the ways people can trick others is quite scary. In general, using sites like eharmony should be a last resort instead of a first pick (as you said, if you want marriage, you’ll make time for it!)– you never know what could happen and it’s always better to socialize with that person when you meet them before anything else.

  2. christiwilson19

    I definitely think dating websites should be a last resort. I’m kind of interested in finding out why they were created in the first place. You can’t truly get to know a person unless you meet them. Your idea about skype is definitely a good way for people to learn more about a person. I don’t personally know anyone who has gone through eHarmony and I’m sure there are tons of success stories, but for me it is way to risky. This world gets scarier every day when I constantly hear about crazy people who cops are looking for and everything. To me the safest way to start and relationship is in person.

  3. This is an interesting post. By far the best service that online dating sites offer is access to other single people who are looking for love. I think this is why online dating has become so popular in first place; you can meet people in your own situation and theoretically with the same interests. For some this might be their last option after trying “everything” else, and as mentioned here earlier, sadly there are dishonest (and also crazy) people out there who try to take advantage of people in this vulnerable situation.
    What I think is most interesting about online dating is how the sites match you up and pair you with your most compatible long-term partner based on a series of personal questions. Can a computer really be trusted like that? EHarmony and other dating pages may provide you with a compatible partner, but they can’t guarantee that there will be a spark between the two of you. There is a common belief that “opposite people attract each other”; some fall in love with people totally opposite from them. If we all based our search for a spouse on compatible tests, wouldn’t we miss out on something as important as spontaneity?
    I respect people who date online and I believe them when they say that it is possible to find love that way. Just be aware of all the crazy people out there.

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