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If you’re a fan of youtube or the internet in general, you’ve probably seen the chain of videos sparking up everywhere called “Sh*t ___ Say”. Usually borderline racist/sexist, these videos depict stereotypical situations of people saying things to one another. These “viral” videos have become so popular they have even gone so far to include animals and other objects. Though many people could find these videos offensive and crude, the ratings all over youtube are drastically high and they are becoming increasingly popular. So popular infact there are response videos to them such as: “Sh*t ‘Sh*t __ Say'”. It never ends! But why are these videos which could be taken as hateful, extremely popular?

 Today, many people have become more tolerant to racist and crude jokes. For example when you turn on the television, most shows out, for example Family Guy, are drenched in this “new” humor. Sexist and racist jokes such as these have now invaded our culture and because it is now “the norm”, will most likely nh. Though because you have this new humor being introduced into a society that usually dislikes this rude comedy, you have those who agree and those who do not. When it comes to these videos “Sh*t ___ Say”, I find it hard to believe that anyone could find something such as this offensive. Many people many not admit to it, but yes, as stereotypical as it is, you (yes, you) sound like this in these awkward situations. Before when people were against such foul humor, people would be on their side, but now many who oppose are viewed as shallow or naive. This is in many cases true, much like the cellphone article read earlier, “If you don’t like, too bad”.

“Sh*t ___ Say” videos are nothing more than harmless fun, pointing out stereotypical flaws in everyone. Of course these are not meant to be taken seriously, how could they? In general our society is becoming more and more accepting of crude humor. But is this a bad thing? Maybe not because we are becoming more tolerant and accepting of one another, being able to brush off and laugh at stereotypes. Or is it an underlying thing we should be more aware of? “Sh*t ___ Say” show what our society believes is funny, innocently enough. Or maybe we’ve had enough like this person (Or at least enough with the videos… They’re everywhere!):


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5 responses to “S*** Bloggers Say

  1. Nicole Knight

    I absolutely love these videos! I have two particular favorites:

    I love these because it’s FUNNY. I don’t find either one of these offensive, they are harmless jokes. They make fun of the stereotypes without glorifying them, which is not an easy feat. When I first discovered these, I say around on YouTube, for longer than I care to admit, just watching all the ones I could find. They are just funny, and I don’t see the harm in laughing at them.

    • Kyle Lunceford

      Interesting…. Be careful when you seach for more of these videos on YouTube. Yikes! But it is so true what people think about other groups of people whether it be race or gender or both. I went to YouTube and found one about what white guys say and it was hilarious. Also when you sit back it is hard for me to honestly think people say those kinds of things. But I guess you have a few many people in each sub culture group that say and act that kind of way.

  2. Nicole Knight

    Yeah, you’re right about it’s strange to think that some people really think or say these things. When I played the “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls” from this post and laughed really hard, my roommate, who is black, just kind of looked at me like, “I’m offended.” I just think it’s a little ridiculous to get mad about stuff like this because it isn’t meant to be offensive, just to be laughed at in good fun.

  3. There will always be some tension within topics of racial and cultural differences, it’s the curse that comes along with the joy of cultural pride. We are meant to find the stereotypes portrayed in these videos humorous, but it is important to remember that all stereotypes have an origin to their existence. That original behavior should be understood and normally corrected, as it is almost always incorrect and ignorant. However we have these cultural differences for a reasons, and while we may find the occasional encounter with a culturally inept individual, it is important to remember that being uncultured usually stems from a lack of knowledge, not a sheer refusal to understand someone else’s heritage.

  4. Zach Miller

    As everyone has already mentioned, these videos are meant to be humorous and point out the flaws and stereotypes of different groups. You asked the question “How can this videos, almost hateful, be so extremely popular?”. As you said, our society is more excepting to “racist/sexist” jokes, which are actually more observant than offensive. Also, another reason they’re so popular is because they are borderline offensive. Part of the reason these videos and shows like Family Guy, South Park, etc. are so popular is the fact that they are so “offensive”. For whatever reason, we as Americans love to tune in each week and see how far the show will go, who they’re going to offend that night.

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