Coffee: the New Drug

In a recent article on CNBC titled “The Coffee Addiction” by Scott Wapner states that coffee once was just a simple drink but today, it’s something more. He says that, “It’s fancier, tastier, pricier — a magic elixir that satisfies our collective craving and our national addiction to caffeine.” Later on in the article, he enlists the help of Dr. Peter Martin confirming that this can be an addiction where he says, “If you drink coffee regularly and then one day not drink coffee then you might develop a headache…” where he basically goes on to say that your body is dependent on this natural stimulant.

I agree with him that coffee can be that natural drug or stimulant you need to get through the day. There are a large number of coffee shops all throughout the world especially Starbucks, making it an easy access to get this “drug.” Everywhere you go, there is always going to be a Starbucks. In turn, they have come up with different ways to entice their consumers with the iced mochas and frappuccinos which are mainly for the younger generation in today’s society. People are becoming more dependent on this stimulant because they feel that they have to have it. True, there is a chemical in coffee that helps you stay awake, alert, and focused, but; why don’t they just go to bed earlier and get those extra minutes of sleep in the morning.

Some statistics show that there are nearly 400 million cups of coffee drank every day. I personally don’t like Starbucks or more specifically coffee which is rather funny considering my dad is the Vice President of Manufacturing for Red Diamond Coffee and Tea. My poor dad brings home samples of coffee (more specifically the flavored coffee) and gets me to try it. As always, I try not to hurt his feelings when I tell him I don’t like it. Some people have to have that coffee to get them through the day but, to others they don’t need any kind of stimulant at all.


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7 responses to “Coffee: the New Drug

  1. Judy Le


    Something to consider, how does this affect the way we live? I think that there is definitely a thing as “coffee culture”—I’ve had two cups of coffee today and I just came home from a Starbucks.

    People not only get addicted to drinking coffee but they also become attached to this hipster coffee culture, yes?

    “Everywhere you go, there is always going to be a Starbucks. In turn, they have come up with different ways to entice their consumers with the iced mochas and frappuccinos which are mainly for the younger generation in today’s society.” I think you touched on something good here…It’s something worth exploring.

  2. Zach Miller

    I agree with your article. I would also like to add energy drinks to your blog. As you said, coffee is being fancied up to fit the approval of the younger generations. Energy drinks serve the same purpose. They are vibrant in color and design, have catchy names, attractive logos, and supposedly taste good. (I have only drank one and I don’t care for them). Also, people feel they can not live without them. As Ms. Le says, sometimes people drink coffee just for the hipster-like culture. People, particularly teens and college kids, drink energy drinks sometimes just because it’s a cool culture to be part of. However, some people get addicted as well.

  3. Dan Alykeev

    I could not agree more. Addiction it is. Not even talking about everyone else, I myself get a Starbucks coffee whenever I feel like I did not get enough sleep. Though, it does help you to stay awake, taking a 15 minute nap can do better good for us. Those 15 minutes is the same amount of time or even more that we spend to actually go and get the evil drink. Why do I call it “evil”? Because my father has always been a coffee lover, and by the age of 58 he earned himself a health problem, for which he had to go through surgery and on medications now. I’d say it is not bad to drink coffee now and then, but it is definitely becomes and addiction and serves no good to drink it on a regular basis.
    On a side note, there is an interesting connection between this article and the one that i posted about advertising ( Starbucks is a world known trademark, and all the majority of people of the world consider Starbucks as the world’s best coffee (when I first came to the US, I knew exactly what Starbucks is and couldn’t wait to try it). The reason why is that because it is always well advertised, it is in humongous number of movies, etc. It, kind of, manipulated me to go and try even though I never was a coffee person.

  4. Rebecca George

    Zac, I also agree with you about the energy drinks. These too are becoming a new addiction as well as coffee. I know somebody that works night shift at the Helena PD and he goes through about 5 energy drinks. Now I don’t know if it’s because he is tired or what. I’ve never drank any energy drink either so I don’t really know how long they make you stayy awake for.

    Ms. Le, I agree with you that there is definetly a “coffee culture” and how people drink coffee to get the hipster effect. Also, I think coffee has changed the way we live. Ever since I was little, my mom always gets a cup of coffee in the morning and when she hasn’t had that cup yet, I know not to come around her. So I think, it changes the people around us and how we act.

    Dan, I also agree that advertising has changed our view of the world. I mean you turn on the tv and bam, advertising galore! I have seen many food and drink commercials and I’m always thinking, “Well that looks good, I’ll have to go and try that.” It’s just like in your video about McDonalds, they make it look good on tv but in person, it’s disgusting. Therefore, advertising can be very misleading.

  5. I completely agree Rebecca. The advertisements today make coffee look so delightful. One day I saw a McDonald’s commercial for the new peppermint mocha latte last winter, and it looked so appetizing. I went to McDonald’s and bought one, and I was sorely disappointed. It was the worst coffee drink I had ever tasted. I also agree with Scott Wapner about people making coffee more than just a drink to occasionally drink. Every morning mom has to have a cup of coffee, without it she feels that her day just does not start right. And if my mom is out of coffee at home she will drive to a gas station and buy coffee from there no matter how bad it has tasted in the past. I personally don’t understand why people enjoy coffee so much, I don’t really like coffee, but maybe I just haven’t developed the taste for it. Or maybe if I watch a couple of more ads on how good coffee is, then I can be brainwashed into thinking I like it.

  6. I agree with you. Coffee and caffeine are a growing need to many people. I figured early on in life that it was just a part of American culture until I moved to Seattle, Washington where Starbucks started. I have never seen so many starbucks, coffe shops, and coffee shacks in my life. As well, I have never seen so many “caffeine feigns” roaming the streets in search of the next caffeine fix. It’s so much apart of peoples lives there that if the flow of coffee and cafeine ever stoped there would be wide spread panic. It is not just so much a pick-me-up but a part of a new culture that has spread and was reborn again in America. I think that it is the new drug of choice. They even put caffeine in Excedrine to help a person get rid of headaches. I wonder if they do that instead to relieve the withdrawls someone is having from not having enough coffee in their system.
    People who are used to having their daily coffee don’t have it, they suspiciously act like a drug addict who has not had his or her fix. The shaking of the hands, the cold or hot flashes, the irritability, and so on. Then again maybe it is just my imagination playing tricks on them, but definitely it’s all about the coffee. Can’t live without it and can’t live with someone who lives for it and does not have it. Either way coffee is here to stay and it’s use and need are ever growing.

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