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My blog is about a skit from Fred Armisen’s Portlandia. Portlandia likes to poke at different subcultures. In This skit, we see the “plugged-in” lifestyle. Here, we see that Fred, like many of us, gets so caught up in social media that he loses touch with the physical world around him. This brings to mind the panel Carr discusses in his article, I’m So Productive, I Never Get Anything Done. 

This skit shows how much we let technology control our lives. Technology does so many amazing things, yet slows us down at the same time. We take one step forward and two steps back. The “Technology Loop” is a rut. The skit shows that we are basically in a rut with social media. This can be found on anyone’s Facebook. Do we really post anything worthwile?

Another way this skit shows us that we let technology control us is with the mention of “Mind-Fi”. Mind-Fi also shows that we have an ever depleting attention span. When Fred’s brain crashes after “thinking” of a website, we can relate this to Hari’s article, The Age of Distraction. Even though Mind-Fi was created to help him get away from it all, Fred can’t help but think about social media.


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3 responses to “Technology Loop

  1. Jared Ebert

    I am interested in hearing your thoughts to this problem. What do you believe is the answer to this situation? To me at least it seems that the problem is not technology. The problem is with people with a lack of discipline that tend to use technology as an outlet to show this lack of restraint, concentration, and time management. Technology can contribute to the problem but to name it as the problem is merely an excuse. Society needs to draw a more distinct line between being consumed with technology and viewing it as a tool to help communication and capability.

    • Zach Miller

      I agree that technology is not the main culprit. It is indeed the people’s fault. They choose to be addicted. I think a cause is that we lose sight of what is helpful and what is trivial. I have been guilty myself of getting onto Google to do research and end up checking my Emails. You hit the nail on the head with mentioning discipline. Your question for me was, “What is your solution?”. As you’ve said, the line is vague and not distinctive. I agree that we must not have a grey area and should distinguish the line. I also feel that we should not rely on technology so much sometimes, which goes back your mention of discipline. I know this looks like repetition of your comment and I apologize. But the truth is, you have the same opinions on the matter as I do.

  2. Jordan Miller

    I like where you are going with this. While technology is becoming one of the driving forces of our American culture, I feel that it is going a little overboard nowadays. With the inventions of smart phones, video game consoles, and even flash games on the computer, people use technology for their wants rather than their needs. Although I feel that technology is being used for much more than fulfilling the NEEDS of our culture, I feel that having a little bit of leisure is alright, only if it is in moderation, like almost anything else in the world.

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