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Will Children Of Alcoholics Become Alcoholics?

The author of the article, A Family History of Alcoholism, suggests that the chances of a child that has alcoholic parents will become an alcoholic is a 50%  chance. This is shocking and sad to me because common knowledge states the experience with traumas such as alcoholism would teach you not to follow those footsteps. Ultimately, I am saying that 50% is an extremely high number.

Because alcoholism is such a common thing in today’s society, I argue that children would be frustrated and understand how it tears apart relationships, families, and people’s lives. This would mean that children would steer away from alcoholism and want to change their lives to be better than their parents, but this author does not say so. His argument is that while children would not want to be alcoholics because of their parents, it has become a lifestyle that many many children have learned is social acceptable and correct. I understand this statement, but from personal experience I disagree.

The author also discusses that genetics are not the only thing that influence a child’s future because they learn from the atmosphere of their surrounding. This follows closely along with his argument of children of alcoholics becoming alcoholics simply because it is all they know. Because of the alcohol they are surrounded by more violence, depression, and aggression. While these things are all true, I still feel strongly about children understanding that this is not a future anyone should want, and that any child who has experienced having an alcoholic parents should know and decide that they do not want to live the same lifestyle.


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The Art of Riding an Elevator

I try to avoid riding elevators as much as possible, not because I am scared of elevators. I just can’t stand awkward elevator small talk or the awkward silence that way too often occurs when people that don’t know each other ride the elevator together. I also hate it when people intrude my personal space so the combination of that and awkward behavior in elevators normally make me feel very uncomfortable.  I like to say that someone or something gave us legs for a reason so why don’t get some exercise by taking the stairs instead? It is a win-win situation; you will burn calories, tighten your butt and at the same time avoid what I like to call “I don’t know you, so stop talking to me” situations. 


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Has Shopping become a Subculture?

Shoppers in Target on Black Friday

For a moment, pretend that you are from a different country and you know nothing about Americans besides what you have seen in this Youtube video. Do we seem like shopping is an important part of our lives?

If as a country, we can devote one night to shopping,is it safe to say that shopping has become a large part of our culture? Aside from Black Friday,shopping has become something that is a part of our everyday lives. Continue reading


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Coffee: the New Drug

In a recent article on CNBC titled “The Coffee Addiction” by Scott Wapner states that coffee once was just a simple drink but today, it’s something more. He says that, “It’s fancier, tastier, pricier — a magic elixir that satisfies our collective craving and our national addiction to caffeine.” Later on in the article, he enlists the help of Dr. Peter Martin confirming that this can be an addiction where he says, “If you drink coffee regularly and then one day not drink coffee then you might develop a headache…” where he basically goes on to say that your body is dependent on this natural stimulant.

I agree with him that coffee can be that natural drug or stimulant you need to get through the day. There are a large number of coffee shops all throughout the world especially Starbucks, making it an easy access to get this “drug.” Everywhere you go, there is always going to be a Starbucks. In turn, they have come up with different ways to entice their consumers with the iced mochas and frappuccinos which are mainly for the younger generation in today’s society. People are becoming more dependent on this stimulant because they feel that they have to have it. True, there is a chemical in coffee that helps you stay awake, alert, and focused, but; why don’t they just go to bed earlier and get those extra minutes of sleep in the morning.

Some statistics show that there are nearly 400 million cups of coffee drank every day. I personally don’t like Starbucks or more specifically coffee which is rather funny considering my dad is the Vice President of Manufacturing for Red Diamond Coffee and Tea. My poor dad brings home samples of coffee (more specifically the flavored coffee) and gets me to try it. As always, I try not to hurt his feelings when I tell him I don’t like it. Some people have to have that coffee to get them through the day but, to others they don’t need any kind of stimulant at all.


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Online or in Person?

In the recent NY Times article “It’s Not Me, It’s You” the author, Alex Miller explores the thought of how Facebook and their new “defriending” button has affected the way people view and even end friendships.

Throughout this article the author talks about various situations on how people have ended friendships, but is a friendship ever truly over without hurting the other person in the process. Facebook has made it so we can just click a button and no longer have to deal with that particular person, but is this truly a friendship if it can be ended with a simple click of a mouse. Yes, throughout our lives we accumulate different friends depending on where we are in our lives at that moment, but what happens to the friends we made back in college as we approach our 40’s. , but what happens to the friends we made back in college as we approach our 40’s. You may still be in contact with them but are you wishing to end the friendship because you no longer feel you are on the same path? I agree that friendships may die out or come to and end but it is how we end these friendships that really matters.

            Just because there is a convenient button to use do not take that approach, use the face-to-face method. Give the other person the respect you would want if you are in there same position. Just because there is an easy route to a particular outcome you need to judge whether it is appropriate for the situation or not. Miller talks about how people have ended the relationship by just ignoring the other person and trying to drop them ou of thier lives without even a explination. Why is it that we as a society now would rather take the easiest way out of a situation rather than challenge ourselves to come up with a good excuss for something.  We have become compacient with the easy facebook and other social media sites offer us that we are beginning t0 lose ourselves to the internet and are becomeing more distant to reality.


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Technology Loop

My blog is about a skit from Fred Armisen’s Portlandia. Portlandia likes to poke at different subcultures. In This skit, we see the “plugged-in” lifestyle. Here, we see that Fred, like many of us, gets so caught up in social media that he loses touch with the physical world around him. This brings to mind the panel Carr discusses in his article, I’m So Productive, I Never Get Anything Done. 

This skit shows how much we let technology control our lives. Technology does so many amazing things, yet slows us down at the same time. We take one step forward and two steps back. The “Technology Loop” is a rut. The skit shows that we are basically in a rut with social media. This can be found on anyone’s Facebook. Do we really post anything worthwile?

Another way this skit shows us that we let technology control us is with the mention of “Mind-Fi”. Mind-Fi also shows that we have an ever depleting attention span. When Fred’s brain crashes after “thinking” of a website, we can relate this to Hari’s article, The Age of Distraction. Even though Mind-Fi was created to help him get away from it all, Fred can’t help but think about social media.


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Was Prayer In School Ever A Subculture?

“Was it ever cool to pray in school?”

When we think of prayer in school, I think people probably think of a long gone tradition that existed just before the brink of America’s so-called enlightenment of separation of church and state.  Was prayer in school ever a subculture of school or was school a subculture of prayer in school?  That last statement was just a play on words to get you to think about it.  But in all due seriousness, whatever happened to that part of our school culture and what role did it ever play in the development of our current train of thought for education. Continue reading


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